Improving Amazing Ways to Quit Smoking

The different tips on quitting smoking As people continue to explore the amazing ways of quitting smoking then it is imperative that they also look at the possibilities of changing their lifestyle. Of course there is a possibility that some of the advice that is given will not work but the person should be on […]

Smoking is censored – so, what’ll be next?

Steven Shainberg, director of the speculative Diane Arbus bio, Fur, has a story: “I was developing a project for a studio, and the character was this totally messed-up guy. He was in his mid- to late 20s; he frequented whores; he took an enormous amount of Ecstasy, and in many, many scenes he would smoke. […]

Smoking Ban Will Force Big Changes For Restaurants – Maryland

As Maryland State lawmakers close-in on a statewide smoking ban, restaurants are expecting changes on their end. Warren Custis of the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) in Salisbury says bars and restaurants will miss out on a major part of their business. “It’s wrong to try to tell someone where to smoke at,” said Custis. […]

France Faces up to Smoking Ban

Thursday marks an important health and cultural shift for France when a new law comes into force banning smoking in public places. Offices and other public buildings come under the new legislation but cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and casinos are exempt until 2008. The state is to aid would-be quitters by handing out coupons for […]

Calgary Health Region Launches Anti-smoking Ads for Young Adults

Floyd Black Horse is a smoker who’s decided to quit. This makes the 22-year-old a natural choice to be one of the public faces of an eight-week advertising campaign launched today by the Calgary Health Region to help young adults butt out. “The anti-smoking campaign … has been a huge influence on my decision,” said […]