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Improving Amazing Ways to Quit Smoking

The different tips on quitting smoking As people continue to explore the amazing ways of quitting smoking then it is imperative that they also look at the possibilities of changing their lifestyle. Of course there is a possibility that some of the advice that is given will not work but the person should be on […]

Quit Smoking for a Healthier Xmas (Christmas)

Smokers who kick the habit today will have signs of a healthier heart as early as Christmas, campaigners have said. The British Heart Foundation (BHF) said every extra day after quitting helped smokers reduce their risk of heart problems in the future. It came as the charity continued its Under My Skin advertising campaign, with […]

International No Tobacco Day 2006 – 31st May

Tobacco addiction is a global epidemic that is increasingly ravaging countries and regions that can least afford its toll of disability, disease, lost productivity and death. The tobacco industry continues to put profits before life; its own expansion before the health of future generations; its own economic gain ahead of the sustainable development of struggling […]

How to Flush out Cotinine (Cotine) From Nicotine in Your Body

Cotinine is a metabolite (byproduct) of nicotine as it is “processed” by the human body. It is an indicator that nicotine has been inhaled or otherwise introduced into the body. Cotinine is a chemical that is made by the body from nicotine, which is found in cigarette smoke. Since cotinine can be made only from […]

Female Celebrity Smoking List

Female Celebrity Smoking List – Most Appearances Women with 10 or more TV/movie appearances 45 Sarah Jessica Parker 36 Kristian Alfonso 34 Bette Davis 32 Sheridan Smith 32 Mädchen Amick 31 Andrea Parker 30 Maura Tierney 28 Barbara Stanwyck 28 Catherine Deneuve 26 Joan Crawford 25 Melanie Griffith 25 Sherilyn Fenn 24 Lara Flynn Boyle […]