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Smoking in Films a Bad Habit Australia Survey Says

IMAGES of celebrities smoking on television and in films are encouraging young people to take up the habit, a report says. A NSW Health survey of more than 5000 school students aged 12 to 17 revealed 75 per cent of them believed seeing celebrities with cigarettes encouraged young people to start smoking. The findings of […]

Newcastle councillor defies council smoking bans – Australia

Newcastle council’s general manager will investigate claims that independent councillor Aaron Buman has breached the council’s code of conduct by defying a ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas. Cr Buman, who owns an inner city cafe, says he will not abide by the new policy and has published a newspaper advertisement today stating his […]

Drinking and Smoking a Deadly Mix

Scientists from the University of Western Australia are encouraging people who drink alcohol not to smoke cigarettes. A report prepared for the Australian Council of Smoking and Health shows that people who drink and smoke are up to five times more likely to develop head and neck cancers than those who only drink or only […]

Don’t Smoke (Smoking) in Bed

A medical burns specialist has issued a warning to smokers and people who use heating devices about the potential for serious burns after an incident in South Australia’s Riverland last week. Dr John Greenwood from the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s burns unit is treating a 67-year-old Loxton woman who suffered burns to a large area of […]

Smoking and Sex Go Hand in Hand

Australian brothel owners want an exemption to anti-smoking laws for sex workers and their clients because, they say, one thing leads to another. Newspapers reported Sunday that the Australian Adult Entertainment Industry had written to Victoria state officials seeking an exemption to laws which ban smoking in workplaces for fear they will drive prostitutes back […]