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Selfish Smoking Fathers – Sick Children’s Dads Still Smoke

This is sick, it really is, even as a parent some people have no consideration for their children, it’s sad… Eighty-six per cent of fathers who smoke continue to do so at home even when their child has been in hospital, a study has found. Just over half smoked in front of their child, the […]

US Surgeon General Speaks Out Against the Dangers of Passive Smoking

A new report on the dangers of second-hand smoke has authorities across the country scrambling to strengthen their local smoking ordinances — including Houston, where City Council could push for a ban in all public buildings when the ordinance comes up for review in September. Surgeon General Richard Carmona said yesterday that there’s evidence that […]

The George Washington University Smoking Ban

It’s not even inside the university, even near by will be covered by the non-smoking policy. The George Washington University is set to implement a non-smoking policy near entrances to all University-owned buildings by next fall. The policy comes after legal threats from a University law professor and a student-led petition advocating the change. According […]

Non-smoker had 150,000 cigarettes

This is a pretty interesting story. A non-smoker found with more than 150,000 cigarettes, 1,000 cigars and about 80lb of tobacco in his home told the police it was all for his own use. Dennis Dagless, 41, claimed to smoke more than 300 cigarettes a week and said his supplies were intended to keep him […]

How to be a Considerate Smoker – Don’t be Arrogant

Some smokers are really careless, somewhat arrogant with their habit. Yes they have a right to smoke, yes they have a right to damage their body, but they don’t have any right to damage mine. Smoking does make your clothes, hair and even car smell as discussed before. I mean yes you smoke, yes you […]