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Smoking Shelters in Casinos Disputed

A new squabble has broken out between the food and hospitality industry and the provincial government over Ontario’s smoking regulations. Smoking is banned in all public places in this province, including restaurants, bars and bingo halls. But there are cries of protest following a decision to allow the building of smoking shelters at a couple […]

Will France be the same after smoking ban begins?

Imagine French cafes free of cigarette smoke, without smoldering butts or ash underfoot. The prospect — an imminent reality — raises a question that smoker and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre might have enjoyed contemplating: Will France still be France without widespread smoking in public? A new ban on smoking in French offices and other public buildings […]

UK Man Sacked for Smoking – Not the First Case

A smoker was sacked having a fag break at the factory where he worked. Dad-of-one John Smith was sheltering from the rain in a doorway yards from an official smoking bay when he was caught. Bosses at the Michelin Tyres factory, in Dundee, sacked the 35-year-old on the spot for gross misconduct. But tyre technician […]

NHS licence for anti-smoking drug to help quitting in UK

The first drug designed to help smokers quit without the use of nicotine has been licensed for use in the Scottish NHS. The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) is due to announce today that it has approved Champix after clinical trials showed that nearly half of smokers given the drug were able to give up their […]

Hong Kong adjusts slowly to citywide smoking ban

John Greene is one of Hong Kong’s 800,000 or so smokers who’ve been grappling with a citywide smoking ban that came into effect this year. Advert for The Scotsman Digital Archive The long-time smoker jokes the ban has overturned one of the traditions of the century-old Kowloon Cricket Club he belongs to. “They really hit […]