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Amazing Ways To Quit Smoking

The scourge of smoking is banished There are amazing ways to quit smoking safely. Some of these ways might include unorthodox solutions. The health market is constantly coming up with ideas that are meant to ensure that people can give up smoking with minimum fuss. Of course some of the schemes are not as straightforward […]

New Anti-Smoking Drug Varenicline Shows Promise

United States (UPI) — A new drug marketed under the brand name Chantix appears to increase significantly the number of people who are able to quit smoking, new studies show. Three studies reported Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggest Chantix — marketed by Pfizer Inc. — will help smokers stay away […]

Nicotine in a Bottle? – Nicotine Drink Touts Alternative to Smoking

There’s a whole new way for smokers to get a fix — a lemon-flavored drink laced with nicotine. Nic Time, the company that makes Nic Lite, says its meant to tide over smokers when they can’t light up on a plane or a bar. But critics say it could be one more way for young […]

FDA Approves Varenicline for Smoking Cessation

By United States Food and Drug Administration, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced today the approval of Chantix (varenicline tartrate) tablets, to help cigarette smokers stop smoking. The active ingredient in Chantix, varenicline tartrate, is a new molecular entity that received a priority FDA review because of its significant potential benefit to public […]

The Quit and Win Competition – 272 Contestants

A total of 272 smokers have pledged to quit the habit by entering an international competition. The Quit and Win competition, organised locally by the Bahrain Anti-Smoking Society, attracted 259 men and 13 women, society vice-president Dr Mariam Al Jalahma told the GDN yesterday. The aim is to initially get smokers to quit for four […]