About Quit Smoking

This site was started for the purpose of documenting my journey to being smoke free. As a side benefit, I’d like to promote discussion on quitting smoking, helpers and aids to stopping smoking cigarettes, how support can help you, how you can learn more and so on.

Together stopping is not so difficult, but doing it purely on your own is quite hard!

You can contribute to the site aswell.

It’s aiming to be a documented journey through quitting smoking for good with mentions of previous failures, plus a stop smoking community with discussion and input from other parties.

I have been smoking for 12 years, and it’s high time I stopped, I’ve stopped twice before (once for 12 months, once for 6 months) but still started smoking again. I smoked cigarette, cigars, pipes and some other things too..

I haven’t tried acupuncture or drugs like zyban, but I have tried gum, patches, inhaler and hypnotherapy, so I will document my experiences.

I will also attempt to document other methods as I discover them and find out what has worked or failed for other people (such as laser treatment, wellbutrin, herbs, herbal remedies and so on).

If you have any tips on quitting, staying quit, stopping cold-turkey, stopping naturally, stopping with drugs or any method, please let me know so I can share the knowledge to help others with their cessation.

Don't Give up Giving UP!

Let’s stop smoking together, and help others too!

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