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France Faces up to Smoking Ban

Thursday marks an important health and cultural shift for France when a new law comes into force banning smoking in public places. Offices and other public buildings come under the new legislation but cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and casinos are exempt until 2008. The state is to aid would-be quitters by handing out coupons for […]

Calgary Health Region Launches Anti-smoking Ads for Young Adults

Floyd Black Horse is a smoker who’s decided to quit. This makes the 22-year-old a natural choice to be one of the public faces of an eight-week advertising campaign launched today by the Calgary Health Region to help young adults butt out. “The anti-smoking campaign … has been a huge influence on my decision,” said […]

Smoking Shelters in Casinos Disputed

A new squabble has broken out between the food and hospitality industry and the provincial government over Ontario’s smoking regulations. Smoking is banned in all public places in this province, including restaurants, bars and bingo halls. But there are cries of protest following a decision to allow the building of smoking shelters at a couple […]

Will France be the same after smoking ban begins?

Imagine French cafes free of cigarette smoke, without smoldering butts or ash underfoot. The prospect — an imminent reality — raises a question that smoker and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre might have enjoyed contemplating: Will France still be France without widespread smoking in public? A new ban on smoking in French offices and other public buildings […]

Smoking ban not popular in Ohio prisons – No Surprise There..

Getting rid of indoor smoking in prisons is about as popular as replacing jelly-filled donuts with cold gruel in the chow hall. A review team told Gov. Ted Strickland that the new state law banning indoor smoking is among the five most controversial regulations in the prison system. Though a ban has been in place […]