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US Surgeon General Speaks Out Against the Dangers of Passive Smoking

A new report on the dangers of second-hand smoke has authorities across the country scrambling to strengthen their local smoking ordinances — including Houston, where City Council could push for a ban in all public buildings when the ordinance comes up for review in September. Surgeon General Richard Carmona said yesterday that there’s evidence that […]

Are Smoking Bans Helping Bars or Restaurants?

Joe Barbera is convinced the county council in Howard County, Md., has just voted to put a lot of restaurant owners like him out of business. The council is banning all smoking in bars and restaurants. “They don’t have enough time to change their business plan — they really don’t have a prayer with this […]

Nicotine in a Bottle? – Nicotine Drink Touts Alternative to Smoking

There’s a whole new way for smokers to get a fix — a lemon-flavored drink laced with nicotine. Nic Time, the company that makes Nic Lite, says its meant to tide over smokers when they can’t light up on a plane or a bar. But critics say it could be one more way for young […]

Ulster’s Smoking Ban May Be Even Stricter – Northern Ireland

Smokers could be hit with a double whammy ban by being prohibited from lighting up outside places of work across Northern Ireland. Draft legislation, which is currently being finalised by Health Minister Paul Goggins, says that when buildings here become smoke-free as part of the province-wide ban next April, certain permitted smoking areas could be […]

Omaha Mayor Says He Will Sign Smoking Ban Passed By Council

Omaha’s mayor Mike Fahey said he will sign a smoking ban for the city. Fahey announced his decision during a news conference. He said he believes in a total smoking ban, but said it would not be practical at this time. Fahey also said that a smoking ban is the best way to protect Omahans […]