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Switzerland to Use Large Anti-Smoking Signs on Cigarette Boxes

As of next Monday all cigarette packages in Switzerland will have to carry large-size health warnings. The authorities also banned the use of the labels “light” or “mild” for tobacco products from May 1, marking the end of a transition period in place since November 2004. Campaigners hope the new regulations – alongside a regional […]

Smoking Statistics for Cambodia – Campaign in Phnom Penh

Smoking is a serious issue in Cambodia, as you can see nicotine addiction really plagues the rural areas with an almost 90% useage of cigarettes. Studies show that about 67% of men smoke in urban areas (Phnom Penh), while in rural areas, where most people live, about 86% of men smoke. Men’s smoking prevalence seems […]

Activist Proposes Smoking Ban in Bangkok – Thailand

An award-winning anti-tobacco activist has proposed a ban on smoking at nightspots, saying this would bring wide-ranging benefits to society. Bang-on Ritthipakdi, the Association of Southeast Nations’ tobacco consumption control coordinator and recipient of the Luther Terry Award, said the government should designate entertainment venues as smoke-free zones. She has campaigned for the control of […]

Anti-Smoking Campaign in Philippines – Quit Smoking!

Smoking in the Philippines is a huge problem, teens are starting smoking very early and a large percentage of the population is addicted to nicotine. THE chances are high that Filipino children aged 11 to 16 have already have tried smoking cigarettes. The probability that a child has already lighted his first stick–or worse, is […]

The George Washington University Smoking Ban

It’s not even inside the university, even near by will be covered by the non-smoking policy. The George Washington University is set to implement a non-smoking policy near entrances to all University-owned buildings by next fall. The policy comes after legal threats from a University law professor and a student-led petition advocating the change. According […]