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Staphysagria (Staph) to Stop or Quit Smoking

Staphysagria is considered widely to be a Homeopathic Remedy for a few different things, but it can be applied to Quitting or Stopping Smoking. It’s recommended for various things including: Alcohol withdrawal support Benign prostatic hyperplasia Depression Erectile Dysfunction Menopause symptoms Photosensitivity Psoriasis Surgery and recovery support Urinary tract infection Staphysagria is homeopathic remedy made […]

Non-smoker had 150,000 cigarettes

This is a pretty interesting story. A non-smoker found with more than 150,000 cigarettes, 1,000 cigars and about 80lb of tobacco in his home told the police it was all for his own use. Dennis Dagless, 41, claimed to smoke more than 300 cigarettes a week and said his supplies were intended to keep him […]

How to be a Considerate Smoker – Don’t be Arrogant

Some smokers are really careless, somewhat arrogant with their habit. Yes they have a right to smoke, yes they have a right to damage their body, but they don’t have any right to damage mine. Smoking does make your clothes, hair and even car smell as discussed before. I mean yes you smoke, yes you […]

Stop or Quit Smoking Home Remedy & Remedies

Lobelia Reduces the body’s craving for nicotine Staphysagria Increases will power and helps break the smoking habit Tabacum Controls the body’s desire for tobacco Lick a little salt with the tip of your tongue whenever you feel the urge to smoke. This is said to break the habit within one month. One way to curb […]

Smoking Shown to Increase Risk of Impotence

Ah, bad for all your male smokers out there, we don’t want to be soft now do we? I always thought menthol cigarettes made you droopy, but now it’s shown for all cigarettes! Forget the Marlboro man — new research shows that smoking, often marketed as a symbol of virility, increases the risk of impotence. […]