Why do You Get Short Shortness of Breath When Smoking

Shortness of breath is a feeling of rapid or uncomfortable breathing, or a feeling of not getting enough air. There are many reasons for this. It is a normal response to vigorous exercise, excitement, or anxiety in some people, or moving from sea level to a high altitude. If you become short of breath after running a short distance or climbing a flight of stairs, this could be a normal reaction by your body, telling you that you need to gradually increase your amount of daily exercise. Shortness of breath on mild exertion, or while sitting or lying still, or during activities that did not make you short of breath before all should be discussed with your health care provider for a thorough investigation. If you find that you suddenly become severely short of breath, this is serious and you should seek help immediately!

Short of Breath

What causes shortness of breath?

Being unfit, overweight, smoking, other kinds of air pollution, allergies, heart, lung, or blood disease can all cause shortness of breath. It can be a side effect of some medicines. Blocked nasal passages may also lead to difficult breathing, and while this is unpleasant and should be treated, is not a cause for immediate concern.

Are older smokers more likely to stay off cigarettes once they quit?

Once they quit smoking, older smokers are more likely to quit for good than younger smokers. Older smokers often begin to experience physical symptoms such as shortness of breath and coughing which signal the damage smoking causes. They’ve also spent years developing a loathing for the habit they now feel chained to. Once an older smoker quits, along with improved health, there is also often a feeling of relief and gratitude. And that feeds long-term success.

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