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Top 10 Gadgets To Help You Quit Smoking For The New Year!

Now this is a list I compiled for the new year, I’m sure many people have made their minds up to stop smoking as a new years resolution!

A very good resolution it is too.

Apologies for the lack of updates, it’s been the party season and I’ve passed through it all without smoking! Congratulations to all you others who remained smoke free throughout the Christmas festivities!

Support Quitspeed – Help people to Quit or Stop Smoking.

If you are a smoker or ex-smoker you will know what it’s like to be addicted, it really helps to have support from friends and the people around you.

What I’m asking for is if you have a blog or site, drop a link to Quitspeed so we can help more people to quit smoking, support the cause!

Smoking Really Makes your Clothes, Car and Hair STINK and Smell

This is a pretty short-term effect, but it’s very anti-social and it’s quite a putrid smell, especially ashtrays and extinguised ciggarettes.

It’s to the extent it may actually put people off from buying your car or home if you are a heavy smoker.

How to Quit or Stop Smoking Cold Turkey

Just like me?

It was pretty hard just to quit, but for me it happened by accident.

My mind was already resolved to quit, but I just needed something to push me on, running out of cigarettes in the middle of the night was the answer, busy surfing and playing games I was too lazy to go out and get any more..

How and Why to Quit Smoking

Nobody need to be told the ill-effects of the smoking. Even then, smokers find it very hard to give up smoking permanently. Nicotine, an integral part of cigarette, is an addictive substance. As you try to give up smoking, your way of life changes. The natural tendency of your body would be to oppose this change as by now, it has become hungry for nicotine. But, smoking has unlimited side effects which cant be ignored. So, here are some tips to give up smoking in a planned and a more comfortable way.