- Consider using laser therapy to quit smoking.

Improving Amazing Ways to Quit Smoking

The different tips on quitting smoking

As people continue to explore the amazing ways of quitting smoking then it is imperative that they also look at the possibilities of changing their lifestyle. Of course there is a possibility that some of the advice that is given will not work but the person should be on the lookout for new developments. For example some people claim that multivitamin treatments help them to keep healthy and avoid smoke. That is a matter of personal choice and preferences. Here are a few pointers:

  • Honesty is the best policy: An honest assessment of the journey that the person has taken and the vulnerability that they face might be the best way of ensuring that they do not give up on the journey. Knowing that smoking is bad is just the beginning of the battle. The next phase of the battle is to ensure that the person can effectively quit the habit in time. Honesty will help you to deal with the down times when nothing seems to work.
  • Read about the consequences of smoking: Some people do not realize the gravity of the situation that they are in. It takes them time to fully understand that the smoke will kill them if nothing is done. That is where it is imperative that they take the time to look at the different elements that make this habit toxic. A few films showing the symptoms of lung cancer might wake you up.
  • Complement the nicotine patches: It is important not to concentrate on just one strategy. It might fail and the person will have nowhere to run. It is better to complement the strategies with different elements so that if one fails there is always an alternative. The patches might be complemented by therapy. Of course it is imperative that the patient does not take an overdose of the patches.
  • Hypnosis might not work: Some people say that hypnosis works for them while others say that it is not thing but a waste of time. It is important that the person is able to make the right distinctions and not fall into the trap of just taking up smoking for the sake of it. They also have to think about the down time when there will be no therapist to hold their hand. That is when quitting becomes a real challenge. They should be prepared for the good times and the bad times.

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Male Smoking Reaches Alarming Rate In Vietnam

With almost half (47.4 percent) of adult men smoking or getting involved in other uses of tobacco, Vietnam has been put into the group of countries with extremely high smoking rates among men.

The risk of secondhand smoking is also high with 67.6 percent of the adults exposed to the risk at home and 49.0 percent at the workplace. The highest rate of secondhand smoking was found at cafes, wine and tea shops (92.6 percent), followed by restaurants (84.9 percent) and universities (54.5 percent).

The figures were released at a workshop in Hanoi on October 27 where the Ministry of Health released the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) result related to Vietnam.

Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Thi Xuyen said tobacco is the cause of 25 potentially fatal diseases. She quoted the World Health Organisation (WHO) as estimating that unless Vietnam takes prompt measures to control the trend, up to 10 percent of national deaths will be of tobacco-related diseases in 2020. Under the GATS survey conducted by WHO in 2010, in addition to male smoking, 1.4 percent of Vietnamese women smoke.

Up to 81.8 percent of smokers in Vietnam smoke daily and 26.9 percent use traditional tobacco pipes. The ages for beginners average 19.8 years for men, 23.6 for women and 19.9 in general.
Of the 9,925 respondents aged 15 years old and upwards, 29.3 percent of smokers said they had quit the habit while 67.5 percent of current smokers said they are thinking of quitting smoking one day in the future. As many as 71.3 percent of respondents indicate support for the policy on tax increases for cigarettes.

Mass media warnings on the risks caused by tobacco have caught public attention, according to 91.6 percent of respondents. Vietnam has been advised to strictly prohibit smoking in public places and increase taxes on cigarettes. Bans on relevant advertisements, trade promotions and any kinds of financial support by tobacco companies should also be tightened. The country has also been urged to intensify investment in detoxification services for smokers.

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Accessing the Amazing Ways to Quit Smoking

Get rid of a bad habit

There is no doubt that smoking is an anti social activity. It elevates the personal wishes of the individual above the concerns of the community to maintain some sort of healthy environment for all. The people that insist on smoking are doing a disservice to the other people that live with them as well as the general public. It is not a habit that is to be tolerated easily. The amazing ways to quit smoking might be the best way of ensuring that the person avoids some of the health risks that have been associated with the habit in the past. Of course it is possible that the individual will make the choice to continue smoking. In that way they will need to spend time dealing with the health repercussions of the habit. For example they might need to find ways to treat mouth ulcers or even cancer.

Killing the smoking habit

• Some people will voluntarily give up smoking when something really terrible happens. They will then realize the kind of vulnerability that they are playing with. For example there have been incidents where the individual has had a heart attack at the time of smoking so that they are compelled to think of ways of stopping the habit with immediate effect.
• Smoking has long been accepted to be a bad habit and therefore it is imperative that people take the time to see whether it can be avoided. There are some booster foods such as ginger and garlic which help to get rid of the smoke bug. Whenever the quitter feels like smoking then it is a good idea to brush the teeth because it keeps the mouth occupied with a clean feeling rather than the smoke.
• Some people find that making a bet will help them to keep on the straight and narrow when it comes to smoking. They might even start to talk about their experiences on a blog or a FaceBook page. A public announcement will make it very difficult for the person to go back on their promises to quit smoking.
• It might pay to keep away from the places where smokers are likely to congregate. That means that you are keeping the temptation at bay and giving yourself the best chance to beat the habit. It is also the means that will ensure that you can continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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Delaware County Seeks Wider Smoking Ban

The number of places where Delaware County smokers could light up could drop if county health officials have their way.

The Delaware County Health Board has asked its attorney to draft a comprehensive ordinance that would ban smoking countywide.

County commissioners approved a smoking ban four years ago but excluded bars, truck stops along Interstate 69 and bingo halls that became private clubs that bingo players could join.

Cecilia Williams of the Tobacco Free Coalition of Delaware County tells The Star Press that she thinks the commissioners would enact a comprehensive ban if there were enough public support.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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Amazing Ways To Quit Smoking

The scourge of smoking is banished

There are amazing ways to quit smoking safely. Some of these ways might include unorthodox solutions. The health market is constantly coming up with ideas that are meant to ensure that people can give up smoking with minimum fuss. Of course some of the schemes are not as straightforward as would be ideal. However they do offer the opportunity for people to change their lifestyle for the better. For example there is the anti chewing tobacco that is beginning to increase its fans through publicity as well as the real results that it has been able to show.

First of all there has to be recognition that people wish to stop smoking on a permanent basis. The schemes that stop and start all the time will never be able to get the best out for the individuals. Of course this is a long and tedious process. Many people are likely to fall before they even start. Nevertheless it offers opportunities for a change in lifestyle. It also opens up the doors on the things that people can do in order to change the way that smoking affects them. In due course it might turn out that people can quit smoking at the drop of a hat.

Issues to help stop smoking

  • First of all the person has to set a definite date for quitting. Without a definite timescale for quitting everything becomes haphazard in its approach.
  • It is important to tell the people around that you are quitting because they will help to keep you on track if you are beginning to backslide. They will also provide you with support during the difficult times when it would appear that the whole thing is not going to work.
  • You should take the time to liaise with these people so that they can help you with the smoking addiction.

It is important that the process of giving up smoking is taken very seriously. It is not a walk in the park and the individual might have to make certain sacrifices in order to get to the summit of their objectives. The temptations such as cigarettes that are lying around should be removed. This is because they will eventually overcome any resistance to the habit and the person will go back to their old ways. This might have catastrophic consequences for their general health. The local doctor might also be able to provide some bespoke support.

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